Till You Wise Up

November 5, 2007

SunriseWhen I met my boy he was five years old. His seventh birthday is in a couple of days. He is the light in my heart. I walked into the classroom on my first day of being his one on one paraeducator. He has autism. He had been labeled with severe behavioral issues. When I was introduced to him, I looked at him and his eyes met mine with the biggest brightest smile and I was hooked. My life would never be the same again. The job did not go very well as the teacher and other two aides were not well trained in behavior managment and I had to be the one who blew the whisltle. I began working at home with him and his mom. At the time, I began working with him he had no language, was not potty trained and did have severe temper tantrums that kept him from being able to show how very bright he was, in an academic environment. After working with him a short time, he was speaking seven word sentences, was potty trained and his temper tantrums all but ceased. He no longer ran into the street into oncoming traffic. He never, ever ran from me. His relationship with his mom blossomed into a loving, kind, and nurturing beautiful thing. This thing that he and I had was born out of mutual love, honesty, respect and admiration. We no longer “work” together. We do however have a friendship now. My husband and adult daughter think of him as part of our loving family. His mom’s strength of character and love for him and us allows us to be his second family. She is a truly phenomenal woman. She has overcome just about every obstacle this world has to throw at a person. Her generosity of heart and spirit is admirable and much appreciated. I have much to learn from her and her son. I am looking forward to seeing both of them at his birthday party. I wonder if he knows how he has enriched my life. I bet he does.