Local Politics

November 20, 2007

2034843831_ecd50ee907-1.jpgI live in a city that takes pride in keeping giant cooperations out and small business owners in. We have successfully kept Wallmart out of our city. That I think is our biggest claim to fame in this area. We march and demonstrate in our local streets on a regular basis when city council does not listen to us and our petitions. This has proven to be very effective in the past. At least once a month when I drive past our City Hall I see a diverse group of energetic people of all ages, sizes and colors waving signs and encouraging passers by to honk in agreement for their cause. At least half of the time I am part of this group, of the sign wavers. If I am not then I am one of the honkers. I love my city. I am always happy to sign petitions in front of our local Trader Joes as well. These petitions range from keeping Wall Mart out of our city from not allowing 45 foot high buildings block our ocean views, to not allowing contractors come in from Los Angeles to build up our lower income areas which would force all of its people to relocate. This would cause a giant burden, not only on the inhabitants but on the economics of our city as well. Not to mention the enormously tall buildings of a concrete jungle in nature. We whom have lived here all of our lives have done so for a reason. We have chosen this city due in large part because of it’s unique infrastructure. We take care of our people and our city. We aim to keep it that way.


3 Responses to “Local Politics”

  1. sketched out Says:

    As one who once dwelt therein, I say unto you, amen sistah!

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    I watched some of the city council mtg last. It went on till almost midnight. Love that pix you h ave up. I still can’t get my pix up on my blog. Oh well…..

  3. snowee Says:

    Thank you for being my loyal fanbase!!! I am now somewhat comfortable putting pictures up with my posts, so I can teach you now. Once you’re done with your post, scroll down and upload your picture. When it is uploaded, go to flickr, click onto the picture you want again. On top of the picture there are some choices such as rotate, all sizes. Pick Medium. Then it gives you the choice to download it. It usually downloads to your desktop. Then go back to your post. Upload the picture from your desktop. Then chose, title and page. Then click send to editor, that should send all the code in front of the writing on your post. Then hit save and view your post. That should work.

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