Happy Thanksgiving

November 21, 2007

pumpkin.jpgHosting Thanksgiving Dinner has been my joy for over ten years now in my family. I enjoy doing this immensely. Don’t get me wrong it is a tremendous amount of time, energy, money (I can barely afford) spent and emotions run high and low. All in all, I would not trade this holiday with any of my three sisters, for anything. I’m not sure what exactly it is about Thanksgiving that puts me in the spirit of things. Possibly it is the gestalt of the smells or the colors of fall that surround the table or the twinkling candles that is the bulk of my decorating. I, like everyone, have my fair share of memories, good and bad that make for a challenging holiday. I opt for the traditional Thanksgiving. The turkey, the yams, cranberries, rolls, chestnut stuffing (all from scratch). And of course, the Felliniesque parade of extended family, with all its warts. We all call each other the week before to make sure who is still speaking to whom. The oldest sister of course takes it upon herself to aide in bringing the younger sisters in patching up any miscommunications that have risen among the rest of us. And we dutifully listen because we must put our petty misgivings behind us because after all it is the holidays for god’s sake. In this day and age, there are little or no traditions left. Blended families, generation; baby boomers the original revolutionaries, generation x, the spawn of the revolutionaries, generation y, generation milenniums, and of course my generation the ones that got caught in between all of these. The ones that did not get a name. Much like the generation that my mom got caught up in, that would be the poor bastards that were born in the thirty’s. But I digress…So anywhoo, my point is that traditions have been lost on most of us, and I do my best to bring them back during the holidays. It brings me back to a place that my mom and dad (sort of ) tried so hard to raise me with. It brings me back to a comfort zone. Something we can all do with a little more of throughout the year. So from me to you, a very happy Thanksgiving.


4 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    As one of the ‘poor bastards’ born in the thirties, your point is well taken. Hope this T Day is a happy one eh????

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    As one of the ‘poor bastards’ born in the thirties, your point is well taken. Hope this T Day is a happy one eh????

  3. snowee Says:

    And of course, by “poor bastards” I mean a group of people who were born in that era did not get a name for that generation. I include myself in that category. I always felt bitter by that fact. A lost generation of sorts. And in your case, that generation was so incredibly important, it seems criminal to me not to have a name for it. In a way, I suppose it does have a name but not especially for your particular birth decade.

  4. VisualKaos Says:

    Happy to be one of the warts.
    And by the way, that was one of the best turkeys I think I have ever had.

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