January 31, 2008

dsc02111.jpgIt’s about choices. It’s about dreams. Possibilities.  There is beauty in this life.  Love in this heart.  Everywhere I look I see beauty. In the remarkable clouds above my head. The clouds remind me it won’t always rain.  The cool breeze crosses my cheeks and reminds me I can feel.  The sun warms and heats my chest, it reminds me that I won’t always feel cold.  I’m thirsty and I can drink my favorite vitamin water that nourishes me and makes me feel alive.  When I am lonely and I can call my loved one and spend the afternoon laughing and discussing politics.  I can be angry and disillusioned at the state of the government and I can vote and write letters to my congress.  I can be sad that people are hungry and I can donate my time and food.  I can feel ugly and I can create something beautiful.  It’s about choices.  It’s about dreams.  Possibilities.