Six Word Memoir

March 31, 2008

I was tagged to write a six word memoir.  Being as though I don’t as yet know how to tag or link yet, I will for now just write the six word memoir.  I will await to be taught the rest.  So here it is:  Never give up and never surrender.

So she finally makes an appointment to see her psychiatrist.  It had been nine years since she had seen him.  Typical of a manic-depressive.  The psychiatrist was an ancient man in his mid sixties.  Thin, frail and very quiet.  She was unsure of her diagnosis the first time she saw him.  After the hour and a half long session full of deeply personal questions ranging from how often does she sleep to her sexual appetite, she was exhausted.  She could barely hear the questions as his voice was deep but quiet.  She kept having to interrupt him with, “could you please repeat that.”  After the excruciatingly long interview, she was on pins and needles for his opinion.  He was busy scribbling something down on his pad.  Slowly he ripped off the small piece of paper and slid it across the enormous wooden desk towards her.  She gently reached for it, picked it up in her shaky hands and it read, “lithium.”  Her mind raced.