Jury Duty

April 24, 2008

Jury Duty.  I have been summoned.  Randomly selected to serve.  Why does this notice send me into an immediate bad mood?  Simply because I must participate in our country’s legal system?  Typically, I won’t even be selected to sit on the jury.  Truly all this notice requires of me is to appear for one full day to the Superior Court.  Granted it will be boring, with a lot of sitting around and doing nothing.  I must ask myself why am I immediately filled with anger and horror at the thought of having to fulfill this obligation.  It’s true, I like many people hate to be told what to do, but my mind instantly fills up with possible excuses to get out of this chore.  Unfortunately, I could not think of any good enough excuses so I will be appearing for this obligation.  But I must state, for the record, I hate it!  Perhaps it is because it has to do with criminals and lawyers and laws being broken.  The very idea puts me ill at ease.  Most people want to put as much distance between themselves and these instances.  I like everyone else would rather read about such things or watch it on tv and shake our heads in shame.  All I know is that I really do not want to do this, but I must.  Paying taxes, death and jury duty are things we all must do.  I wonder if people really get a fair trial when most of the jurors may just be taking our their frustrations on having to be there?  But I suppose I will just have to manage and be a mature, responsible adult and do the best I can.  There must be a better way!