E.O. Green Incident

February 20, 2008

Although, I never met Larry, I know someone very close to me that did know him very well.  This person made a big difference in Larry’s short life.  He made it easier for Larry to be himself.  He made it easier for Larry to have friends and to feel comfortable for him to exist as he was, if only for a while.  Yes Larry was a bit different.  But only in a way that was obvious to most people.  In a way that made it easy for those kind of people who enjoy making people who are different to be miserable.  You know the kind, bullies.  Everyone has personality traits, characteristics that make them stand out in a crowd.  Well Larry just didn’t try to hide his.  I was reading an article this morning, in the local paper that the parents of his school were calling for metal detecters and curriculum that taught tolerance of difference.  I was excited by this.  I remember doing similar things at a school board meeting, after a school shooting when my daughter attended elementary school.  I was calling for teaching tolerance as part of the curriculum.  Not so much metal detecters.  But at this point in time it does seem like a good idea.  But what struck me was that one parent was calling for it to be against the rules for students of the male persuasion not to be able to wear jewelry or feminine assessories.  As if this would solve the problem in reference to what happened to Larry!!!  I was a little ok a lot sickened by this.  How out of touch can anyone be?!  Well, all I can try to do is put it out there in my little blog is please people, try to understand that we are all a little different in some way.  Some people have differences that are a little more obvious.  Tolerance is the key here.  Teaching children tolerance is our only hope.  I believe this is why these horrors are occurring at our schools.  We need to stop with “no child left behind’ mandating teachers to teach for the test and worrying about test scores and start humanizing our schools again.  Stop treating our teachers like they are monsters and responsible for every ill of our society and get behind them and be partners with them and find out that they are doing a great job and dealing with much more than you can imagine.  Go to the school board meetings more often then after a shooting and demand that tolerance become part of the curriculum!!!!!  And teach it at home.  Be partners with your teachers.

Working Together

February 7, 2008

I have an idea how about all the women in the world wake up and smell the oppression?!!!  I will speak to my generation first, can you remember when your grandmothers talked about not being able to vote?!!!!  Do you remember when your mothers HAD to have dinner ready on the table for your father when he got home from work?!!!  Do you remember playing with dolls and not the cool matchbox cars that your brothers got for christmas?!!!  Do you remember HAVING to wear dresses to school?!!!  Can you believe that we now have a woman running for president of these United States?!!!!  Lets get out there and support this monumental occasion with some enthusiasm, shall we.  If we women could stop our infighting and support each other maybe we would find that we could pull this country together and go forward towards something positive.  Maybe we could go in a direction that we all want to go in.  The collision course that we are on now must be re-directed.  The white male dominated society has had long enough to show what they can do.  Let’s give a highly educated, intelligent, passionate about our country, and the people that live in it, woman an opportunity to steer our country back onto the course that it deserves to be on.  Women, we need to remember where we have been and the struggles we have overcome to just have a right to stand beside a man in most situations.  Many other countries, developing countries have women in the highest positions of power.  We, the United States, a super power, are barely progressed enough to even consider this as an option yet.  Women let’s get it together, stand together, remember our power, put it to good use.  We can make some positive changes.  

Food Patch

February 5, 2008

Is there anyone else out there like me who thinks we spend far too much time procuring food for ourselves?  Now I enjoy eating as much as the next person.  I love going out to lunch with my friends.  It is the social aspect of it that I love the most.  The choosing of the restaurant, the variety of foods, the sparkling conversation and the aspect of just getting out of the house is exciting.  It is the food shopping that I am referring to that I can do without.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It begins with the inevitable hunger pang, the unsatisfying search into the empty fridge, the hollow cupboards, that forces us out into the crowded grocery stores.  If you’re lucky enough to have enough money leftover from filling up your gas tank you forge ahead to the grocery store.  There you spend far too much time trying to psychically choose which cart will utilize all four wheels without too much effort.  Then you begin taking the food off of the shelves and putting it into your grocery cart, that always ends up having a mind of it’s own.  Then you take the food out of your cart and onto the moving table of the checkout line.  There they put the food into flimsy bags, which usually are overstuffed.  Then you lift the bags out of the rickety cart that you’ve been pushing all through the store, towards your car.  You fight your way to your car through the maze of crazy drivers and other dazed shoppers.  You lift your bags of food into your car.  You drive home.  You lift your bags of food out of your car and into your home.  There you put your food away.  Then throughout the week if you have the energy to cook, you prepare your food and eat it.  Then comes the clean up.  My answer to all of this energy output is the FOOD PATCH.  It is a radical idea but if we could all have a small patch much like a nicotine patch that delivers all the nutrients that we need throughout the day, then we could dispense with much of the time and energy that food robs us of every day!!!  It is my dream that the scientists can come up with this and we could all enjoy a lot more time to do what we please, we could create art, spend more time with our families doing what we want instead of what we have to do.  Just a thought.