The Measure of Me

February 3, 2008

 There is a measure like the one you learn in music class in middle school.  It consists of straight lines, ranging from dark to light.  If read correctly, the music is played and people’s lives can be enriched and spirits uplifted.  It all begins with these measures. They are what hold the notes together and in place.  They keep them in order.  When you look at a piece of sheet music, you will see rectangles along the entire page.

The measure of music is like the boundaries of emotions.  The notes of music are the emotions.  When the reader of the music plays the notes within the measure the music sounds good, uniform and correct.  It is pleasant to our ears.  There is logic and consistency to the fact that the notes make sense and belong to the exact right place on that measure.  When the notes bounce outside of that measure, it does not sound good to our ears.  It does not take a musician to hear that it does not make sense.  It is much the same with emotions, when they go outside the normal boundaries it does not make sense.  Most people know what it feels like to bounce around the measure of good feelings and bad feelings.  What lies inside the measure or boundaries are feelings that range from good to bad, sad to happy, or elated to extremely sad. There are some people who live outside this measure.  Where music is distorted always.  They can dip inside of the measure at times but this is rare, when they can hear the music that most other people can hear.  They count themselves lucky when they can hear what others hear.  When they can think like others think.  Feel what others feel.  It is not all bad for these people.  They just stand in and outside of the measure, but mostly outside of the measure.  I believe it is the constant bouncing in between that is the hardest though.  It is like sitting at a concert with your loved ones, listening to the same music, hearing most of the same music but these people hear something entirely different through most of the concert.  It is as if the notes bend for them outside the measure and play a separate concert that only they can hear.  These people have gotten used to being different.  They would so like to be seen, understood, heard and feel connected. Perhaps one day they can write a song and coax the notes to bend around the measure so that others can hear it, if even for a brief magical moment…

Letting Go

October 30, 2007

Life’s lessons have taught me that one of the most important things to remember during the darkest hour is letting go. It is by far the hardest thing, for me, to do. Think of taking a handful of sand and squeezing it between your fingers. The grains disappear faster the harder you grasp the sand. If you gently hold the sand in your hand you can carry that handful for as long as you like. Think of the sand as one of your goals. Take for instance a job, a relationship, a financial situation, a sick animal you want to recover, anything at all that you want with all of your heart and soul. The more you struggle against all of the odds, the harder and more difficult the obstacles become to overcome, to obtain that goal. For me, once I realize the tried and true principle of “letting go” then everything becomes clear, and, dare I say, less stressful. The goal that I have been putting all of my energies towards comes wafting down as if on gossamar wings towards me, effortlessy. So I always think of the fist full of sand, that can be just a hand full of cool grains. These cool grains of sand can just rest upon my hand effortlessly, I can examine each grain and be thankful for each part making the whole. I can take my time and ponder the entire beach then move on to the ocean. Feel the cool breezes sweep across my face. Let the negative ions in the air do their magic upon my once desperate mood. I can even take off my shoes that were once tied too tightly and dip my toes into the cool water and appreciate the beauty and sensual excitement of the awesomeness of the ocean. I can always always remember the principle of letting go. Life always goes smoother for me when I do that.