Windblown and Whining

October 23, 2007

Not a great day today. Seems most of Southern California is burning up. All of my sisters are affected somewhat. One of them is still out of town and we do not know the status of her home yet. I got dismissed from one of my respite care positions last night. Just as well… I believe I will be moving on to bigger and much better things with the local college very soon. My dream job. These respite care jobs were just interim part time things just to keep me busy and distracted until I got what I really wanted, anyway. But still it is never fun to be terminiated, especially for the reason I was. I did a great job, I was my usual magnificent self. The children were well taken care of, I even cleaned up the house. I got along great with the parents. It was a one time thing, that was supposed to be a regular weekly job. But i got duped. The original job was supposed to be caring for a very young child with a very common developmental disability. My job was just to play with him, keep him occupied while his parents went out on a date night, and thus the respite. He had siblings. I found this out at the last minute. I was compensated for the care of these siblings with a meagher $5/hr!!!! As it turns, out one of the siblings had a rather intense and disturbing developmental disability. This of which was never disclosed to me. The entire situation was rather shady. So, the boy I was supposed to be caring for and keeping occupied with games and playing was a joy to spend time with. On the other hand, the other child was anything but. This child required constant attention and behavioral techniques just to keep this child from hurting the brother of whom was hated, that was told to me. I was never made aware that this is the child I was really going to be watching and caring for. I was dismissed because the parents found out that I was a smoker. They could not reconsile the fact that I am a good person and a smoker to this child. Unfortunately, some children lack the foundation to differentiate the gray in between information. It is very unfortunate for this family because I of course will move on and let go of my whining but I wonder if parents will learn to teach their children moral standards are for everyone. Don’t throw stones in glass houses!! Ok I am done whining, for now.