Food Patch

February 5, 2008

Is there anyone else out there like me who thinks we spend far too much time procuring food for ourselves?  Now I enjoy eating as much as the next person.  I love going out to lunch with my friends.  It is the social aspect of it that I love the most.  The choosing of the restaurant, the variety of foods, the sparkling conversation and the aspect of just getting out of the house is exciting.  It is the food shopping that I am referring to that I can do without.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It begins with the inevitable hunger pang, the unsatisfying search into the empty fridge, the hollow cupboards, that forces us out into the crowded grocery stores.  If you’re lucky enough to have enough money leftover from filling up your gas tank you forge ahead to the grocery store.  There you spend far too much time trying to psychically choose which cart will utilize all four wheels without too much effort.  Then you begin taking the food off of the shelves and putting it into your grocery cart, that always ends up having a mind of it’s own.  Then you take the food out of your cart and onto the moving table of the checkout line.  There they put the food into flimsy bags, which usually are overstuffed.  Then you lift the bags out of the rickety cart that you’ve been pushing all through the store, towards your car.  You fight your way to your car through the maze of crazy drivers and other dazed shoppers.  You lift your bags of food into your car.  You drive home.  You lift your bags of food out of your car and into your home.  There you put your food away.  Then throughout the week if you have the energy to cook, you prepare your food and eat it.  Then comes the clean up.  My answer to all of this energy output is the FOOD PATCH.  It is a radical idea but if we could all have a small patch much like a nicotine patch that delivers all the nutrients that we need throughout the day, then we could dispense with much of the time and energy that food robs us of every day!!!  It is my dream that the scientists can come up with this and we could all enjoy a lot more time to do what we please, we could create art, spend more time with our families doing what we want instead of what we have to do.  Just a thought.